Welcome, valued employees, to the Starmont Enterprises, a Shonaldmann Corporation team retreat celebrating the merger of the Donaldson Company and the Shapiro-Weissmann & Co.! We hope you have a wonderful time exploring our new website built just for you!

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our services

Starmont Enterprises is proud to offer a wide variety of services within affordable price ranges. We specialize in custom, modular products based on specifications and demos provided by our clients. To get a quote for your complete project, please submit a rough prototype of each module you would like customized and incorporated into the final product.Please note that we require a total quote minimum of $35k in order to proceed with the project. You’ll find our catalog of modules below:

ServicePrice in USD
Evidence of an OSHA violation6k
User’s manual for a frequently misused kitchen tool4k
Corsage and Boutonniere made only of standard office supplies10k
Watercooler talk7k
Discontinued company swag2k
Anti-theft sandwich6k
Tattoo of your company logo4k
Framed “inspirational” quote3k
Escape room victory photo4k
Company party poster showing the intern’s passion for graphic design3k
Phone call that could’ve been an email3k
Ergonomic chair for the people by the people10k
HR’s secret list of resume buzzwords that will automatically disqualify the candidate8k
Today’s page off the CEO’s Daily Animal Facts calendar7k
Outfit within the office dress code but taking advantage of at least one loophole10k
Last year’s prize for the company fitness challenge2k

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*not a puzzle!

Some helpful information:
The Shonaldmann Corp Puzzle Experience will be available from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon.
Additional puzzles may or may not appear at any given time.There are no teams except for the Shonaldmann Corporation. Work together to achieve greatness, symbiosis, and profit!These puzzles are Not That Big of a Deal -- make sure to spend time with each other and enjoying the other elements of the retreat. Thank your teammates for writing these for you!Want to check an answer or get a hint? Niki is answering messages from the central office -- DM them on Discord, signal, or via text for an answer check or hint!


Starmont Enterprises by the Shonaldmann LLC is an iconic company, founded by iconic individuals.1 Shapiro-Weissmann Enterprises and the Donaldson Corporation have joined forces under a commitment to trust each other, succeed together, and grow together.1 The resulting collaboration is the stuff that dreams are made of,2 proving yet again that the right relationship is everything.4Eventually, it all comes down to people,7 and our people vow to act as if the company’s priorities are your own.8 We cannot promise specific outcomes or risk-free results,10 but we will always deliver the best experience.11 Starmont Enterprises is a lean, agile competitor that responds quickly to customer need with innovative solutions.13 Through our transformative Best of Both strategy,14 we will drive change, embrace disruption, and never stop learning.17 We are moving forward with confidence and excitement—our best days are ahead.20- - - - - - - - - - - - -
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2* Recommended
4 Recommended
7 *
8* Recommended, Related
10* Related
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* Repeated

Our Locations

Some look down on a distributed workforce. HQ just takes more time to process the distance from our many locations.Snake Island
Maseeh Hall
O'Keefe Sports Complex (walk up from Day Ave)
Boston Harbor Hotel
Sacramento Field
Genoa Health Care (come down from Rutherford Ave)
Beren Tennis Pavilion
Cambria Hotel (go right on Laurel St)
The Apartments at 114 Glenville Ave
Pleasure Bay
Jitters Cafe
Mass Masonry and Stone (enter from McDonough Way)
Glendale Park

Party of 13


look at that teamwork! that synergy! that profit potential!!!you know what they say: keep your friends close and your valued coworkers closer. thanks for playing!